Metrasat News

22 November 2017, 14:13

Development of Metratat Products

Bogor - To improve employee performance and develop products, Metrasat held a workshop held on Monday, 20 November 2017 held at R.M. Kabayan, Salabenda. This activity was followed by all units participating in controlling products from Metrasat namely Mangoesky, Mangoestar, and Indihomesky. This activity dilaksakanan by presetasi in each unit associated with the product.

According to PJ General Manager of VSAT IP & Datacom I, Mr. Nugroho Wibisono said "This activity aims at mutual coordination of mangoesky, mangostar and indohomesky products for all units in Metrasat, so that all constraints can be overcome together "He added.

Mangoesky, Mangostar, and Indihomesky are Metrasat products that serve telecommunication service for customers that can be used in urban areas to rural areas throughout Indonesia.

"With this activity is one of Metrasat's efforts to develop the company's business line and also to fulfill the customer's needs," said PJ General Manager of VSAT IP & Datacom I, Mr. Nugroho Wibisono.

In improving customer service, Metrasat strives to continue to develop products and services. This is in line with Metrasat's commitment to continuously meet customer needs.