Metrasat News

14 September 2018, 16:22

Metrasat Held Sports Events with Employees

Bogor - In order to establish solidarity and cohesiveness among employees, Metrasat deploying a joint sports on Friday (7/9), in the Bogor Botanical Gardens.


This activity begins with exercise together as a warm up before jogging and healthy way in Botanical Gardens. The Warming up to prepare the body before exercise and relieve pain after exercise.


After warming up, all employees do the jogging and healthy walk two kilometers to surround the Bogor Botanical Garden.


According Rinindya Nurtiara Puteri, one of the employees Metrasat disclose that, "As we all know that exercise can improve concentration while working and can nourish the body."


He also believes that sports events are organized each week by Metrasat to strengthen solidarity among employees. "Helpful addition to physical fitness, sports together like this strengthens kinship between employees and know each other.".


This activity in accordance with the directives at the beginning of 2018 by VP Operations, Mr. Ali Rusli. He pointed out that moving the body of a routine in the morning before work was very good, but aims to maintain physical fitness, for compactness together and making them more spirit in carrying out any activity at work.