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24 Oktober 2018, 09:03

Metrasat Supports Digitalization of Tourism Destinations in North Sumatra

Humbang Hasundutan, North Sumatra- The Telecommunications and Information Accessibility (BAKTI) with Metrasat installed new facilities namely free wifi access in tourist and homestay areas in Humbang Hasundutan Regency, North Sumatra. A total of 10 locations, especially during this the blank spot area or not covered by telecommunication signals, will get access to free internet services.


According to the organizer of the Desa Wisata, Harmawan Saputro, support the program. With free internet access can support tourism promotion. "This Tourism Village program aims to introduce, promote tourist and natural resources destinations that lead to improving the economy of the community," he said.


To get free internet access, visitors can directly connect to the access point in the tourist area and was immediately directed to the Desa Wisata portal. Visitors can look around the favorite tourist destinations in Humbang Hasundutan.


Currently Metrasat already realizing the Desa Wisata program at some point in Humbang Hasundutan, such as:

  1. Points Waterfall Appointments
  2. Homestay Tipang
  3. Village Gazebo Tipang
  4. Places Sipinsur
  5. Points Culinary Tipang Floating Restaurant Mas
  6. Village Homestay Simamora
  7. Village Homestay Marbun Tonga Dolok
  8. Village Homestay Marbun Toruan
  9. Places King Sisingamangaraja
  10. Places Spear-sulu Sulu


"Ten points of the Tourism Village are each equipped with VSAT antennas and three access points that will cover internet services up to a 200-meter radius," said Wawan.


At the end of the conversation, Wawan hoped that this program would be supported by all components. So that it can bring local tourists and foreign tourists to vacation in Humbang Hasundutan Regency, without worrying about having problems with the internet.