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Contact Us

Customer Service

In order to provide the maximum and informative service to our customer, we provided some tools :

  • Online Trouble Ticket and Complaing Handling System
    Metrasat Provide a monitoring complain handling that given in real time the progress of repair and complain handling that is in progress, and automatically alert update to customer via email.

  • Network Status and Traffic Monitoring System
    Metrasat provide a monitoring network status and traffic system that given automatically and send an alert to the customer via email.

Beside the 2 of tools, metrasat is supported by various resources :
  • Helpdesk On Site Support appropriate with network and customer necessary
    for the customer with specific among of remote station and necessary, we provide support helpdesk on site in customer office to ease the service.

  • Technical Support in entire provices and major cities in Indonesia
    Metrasat is supported by an experienced technical personnel across 32 provinces and more than 50 cities in entire of Indonesia.

  • Metrasat Care Center:
    • PSTN : 02517533977, 02517533987
    • Fax : 02517542998
    • Mobile : 081212122016, 081290002016, 081289892016
    • Email :,
    • YM : ncc_metra
      YM : metrasatbogor